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We're all in, together!

an endless pursuit of a better way

About Us

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Lisbon, Red IT has organically grown to over 150 employees. A company known by IT experts who bring deep cross-industry expertise and a range of perspectives that question the status quo and spark change. A courageous partner with an unusual point of view to help the talented community break through barriers.


What gets us out of bed in the morning?

People + Technology

Red IT is a consulting company specialized in Information Systems and Technology, focused on helping the most driven changemakers shape the future. Created through an endless pursuit of “a better way”, Red IT teams have the autonomy to move fast and always put people at the heart of everything.

How do we do this?

With successful digital transformations over multiple industries backed by a culture of collaboration and partnerships with the world’s top technology providers, Red IT concerns deliver valuable business transformation experiences.


All of this is truth, however we must keep in mind that behind any device there is a person with singular needs, ambitions and dreams. We take care of that person.


Our Mission

With you, we improve business to create high levels of value and drive a better future.

Our Vision

Through talented people, be our partner’s most valuable

People Focus

We invest in our people and value diversity and inclusion because it's the key driver of performance, innovation and creativity.

 What  matters to us

Shape the future

We are forward changemakers who innovate and collaborate with stakeholders to build a better future.

Do the right thing

We are driven by our ethics, focused on safety and determined to fight for what is right.

Our Services

We help companies, through technology, to face their most challenging projects and create new capabilities.

​Focus on what really matters for your business by entrusting outsourced IT services to Red IT.


​We bet on the youngest talent through specialized training academies. Here we train young graduates in strategic techs for the market.

Red Academy

Image by Jeremy Bishop

​Where all the ideas happen. It's part of us to stimulate entrepreneurial minds, and we want all our employees to be able to participate strategically in our company.

Red Lab

At Red IT, we prioritize flexibility to respond to market needs through innovative technology and best practices in the sector. In this competence center we manage and implement solutions, such as Turn-Key Projects, customized according to the needs of our partners.

Delivery Center

Our Nearshore service is an integrated service in Portugal (Lisbon and Porto) where we develop efficient solutions remotely based on the needs of our partners. This service can be requested for an A-to-Z project or to support one of the phases of the project.



Life @ Red

Culture is everything. It’s not a bubble football game (which we do), it’s not a Christmas party or a Red Happy Hour (which we do too).

Culture is the heart of any organization. We love to think that people say:

"I really love my job"

Working at Red has been a constant challenge, where they have given me the trust and opportunity to grow and improve my skills.


In Red, I went through my first professional challenge. I learned, grew up and felt happy in an intimate and relaxed workplace.


Confident Woman

Red is synonymous with a good work environment and respect for work-life balance. I enjoy working with this team and feel fulfilled to be here.


What people say


By doing the right thing, we are aware of the importance of respecting natural resources, preserving biodiversity, and striving for a better quality of life. Our planet, our communities, and our people shape our identity.



Sustaining our world, together


Uniting for a better tomorrow


Empowering lives, building futures


Praça Alvalade 7, 5º Direito, 1700-036 Lisbon (Headquarters)

Rua Padre António Vieira 148, 4300-430 Porto

+351 218 095 725

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